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IMEI number for Mobile phones

IMEI number for Mobile phones
International Mobile Equipment Identification Number is a unique number used to identify each mobile and track whether it has been legally imported into the country. The IMEI number is usually provided on the mobile phone and can be retrieved by dialing *#06#. For a stolen mobile, the IMEI number can be retrieved from the bill or from the box in which the mobile is packed. For Iphone 4S, the mobile number is clearly indicated on the box itself, while Samsung does not clearly specify which of the numbers on the mobile packaging box corresponds to the mobile phone and battery.

Unfortunately, there is no centralised database of IMEI numbers officially available in India . There were some news reports in December 2010, that a centralised registry would be set up in India, but it appears that there has been no further progress. In many countries there is a centralised equipment identification registry (CEIR), which is helpful in tracing the mobile details based on IMEI number .

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