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Mobile phone usage in India
India has one of the largest number of mobile users in the world due to the low call rates and is also one of the largest marketplaces for mobile handsets. Earlier, most of the mobile handsets were imported, but today a large number of Indian brand like Spice, Micromax and Iball are increasingly popular. Nokia ,samsung, LG, HTC are the most popular international brands , with Apple offering highend handsets, Iphone.

The low end mobile phones usually have basic features for making and receiving phone calls , SMSes, while the high end phones have a number of additional features like touch screen, high resolution camera, internet access. Basic phone models can cost less than Rs 1000, while high end phones cost more than Rs 40000.

Due to the high corruption levels, and large number of potential customers, mobile theft is rampant in India today. Mobiles are one of the few high value items which are carried by people wherever they go.

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