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Increasingly people are talking about using mobiles for almost all applications, from internet banking to online transactions.However, there are many risks involved, which the mainstream media does not talk about. The mobiles are used for tracking a person's location, and this information could be used to cause accidents or harm a person. On many occasions, mobiles are hacked, and programs are installed without the mobile owners knowledge or permission. These programs can be used to track the location of the mobile owner and also gather data .

Additionally powerful people have no qualms routing all important phone calls and SMSes of wealthy individuals through their friends and relatives. This is done to facilitate identity theft, as the wealthy individuals no longer has control of their messages and phone calls. The powerful people want to grab the hard earned money of the wealthy individual by committing identity theft. Many internet banking transactions use mobile phones, but often the the code sent for the transaction never reaches the registered mobile phone owner. There is no transparency at all, it is difficult to find out the cause of the problem to stop the harassment.

Often important messages and phone calls, like the illness or even death of a close relative of the identity theft victim are blocked, resulting in a great deal of inconvenience. If a person cannot be reached in an emergency on a mobile phone, what is the use of mobile phones? It is better to use a telegraph or a postal mail, the level of reliability is the same.

So in conclusion, a mobile phone is good gadget if you are young and also do not have much hard earned money saved. For an older person, who has worked hard to save some money for retirement, the mobile phone could be a trojan horse, used to destroy the person mentally and financially .

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