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Filing a police complaint

The official method for tracking and retrieving a stolen mobile is by filing a police complaint . It is a NC complaint and should be filed in the police station nearest to the location where the mobile was lost. At the police station, the police want an affadavit signed by the notary public confirming that the mobile is missing. The cost of the affadavit is about Rs 300 and is usually ready in 10-15 minutes according to the experienced staff at the notary public. Many people seem to be losing their mobile phone regularly and have to prepare the affadavit for phone theft.

Once the declaration/complaint is filed, the police will immediately give an acknowledgement that they have received the complaint. It is believed that the mobile phone loss details are forwarded by the police to a third party agency which specializes in tracking mobiles based on their SIM card and IEMEI number. However, private citizens of the country cannot approach this agency directly for tracking their missing or stolen mobiles, they have to route their complaint through the police.

Some people appear to have retrieved their stolen mobile by filing a police complaint, but it takes some time, usually one or two months.

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