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Samsung Galaxy Grand I-9082
The Samsung Galaxy Grand is one of the most popular models sold by Samsung India, and one of the most commonly stolen phone. It is a dual SIM mobile phone with Android operating system. The phone has most of the features of smartphones like 3G internet surfing, Messaging and has a number of apps developed for it

One of the hidden features of this phone is how the mobile numbers of SIM cards used on the phone are stored and used for tracking. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Grand phone was used for receiving phone calls with a particular SIM card for a few hours and the SIM card was removed. Later on the same phone (without any sim card) was used for posting ads on a classifieds website. The classifieds website staff immediately contacted the ad poster on the mobile number of the SIM card, even though the SIM card was not inserted in the Samsung Galaxy Grand at that point and the mobile number was not listed in the advertisement. Does the Samsung Galaxy Grand have a hidden backdoor? Visitors are invited to share their feedback.

Laptops with windows operating system installed are usually most likely to be hacked, especially when used for internet surfing for a long time. The Samsung Galaxy Grand without a SIM card can be used for internet surfing with a Wifi connection for checking out new websites especially those which may contain viruses/malware, as no data is likely to be lost.

However, due to poor customer support which is explained in the next article, we do not recommend purchase of a Samsung Galaxy grand or any Samsung mobile.

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