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Targets for Mobile phones,theft

People whose Mobile phones are likely to be stolen
It appears business owners are major targets of mobile thieves. For most salaried individuals, the contact list consists mainly of friends and family members, which are of no commercial value to the mobile thieves. For service oriented businesses, their customer list, goodwill, knowledge and employees are the major assets for the company, so the business owner is often put under surveillance for years. This allows the mobile thief to cleverly steal the mobile and minimize the risk of being caught, by monitoring the activities of the business owner.

By using the contact list and call records, the mobile thief gang hopes to take over the business by offering the customers a better deal initially and the more valuable employees a higher salary/better package. One such business owner, who had an event management company said that his mobile had been stolen three times. Complaining to the police was of no help for such business owners.

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