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Why mobile carriers should not promote identity theft.

It is observed that certain mobile carriers are promoting identity theft by diverting phone calls,SMSes, internet connection to a girlfriend of a powerful person for identity theft purposes. This can be very annoying for the official mobile phone subscriber, who is paying the mobile bills, only to have his or her mobile phone calls, SMSes diverted to a person who wants to steal her hard earned money.

Effectively the mobile phone subscriber is paying the bill, when someone else is controlling the mobile phone without the mobile users knowledge or permission.There is also very little transparency regarding the phone call diversion, there is no way the real mobile subcriber can find out the reason for the diversion, person responsible and how to stop it.

It is very frustrating for the real mobile phone subscriber to have phone calls and SMSes diverted. The only way the mobile phone user can stop this problem is by minimizing the usage of the mobile phone and keeping it switched off. So the mobile carriers loses revenue, as the mobile phone user will not recharge the mobile phone, since it is obvious that the calls are being diverted to an unknown person. When the mobile phone user is being cheated so blatantly, why should he or she spend money with the mobile phone carrier?

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