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Locations where mobile phones are likely to be lost or stolen

A mobile phone is usually stolen in an office or while travelling, at home it is usually misplaced, and can be retrieved at a later date. Office The mobile was kept for charging at a business lounge. The person whose mobile was stolen was the target of a very large identity theft gang, which had put her under surveillance for many years. The stolen mobile will be given to the identity thief who will then falsely claim to be the person whose identity he or she is stealing. When the mobile was kept for charging the thief initially came and checked the contents of the mobile. Then he or she kept it back in place, and later in the evening, took it and kept it with himself or herself. The thief has a powerful backer, who will ensure that the person whose mobile is stolen can never track her.

Travel Most mobiles are stolen while travelling, since people are less alert, and are surrounded by people who are not known to them. Unlike an office, where the visitors are screened and monitored closely by the security staff, when a person travels using public transport, he or she is exposed to a large number of strangers whose background is not known. Some of the common modes of travel where mobile phone loss has been reported are:
3.Auto rickshaws

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