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Increasingly it may be possible to physically own and possess a mobile phone, but all phone calls, SMSes and internet access is controlled by a third party who is not known to the mobile owner, but is authorised by powerful people to intercept all the phone calls, SMSes and internet access using the mobile phone.

This creates a lot of problems for the real mobile phone owner such as
1. He or she is unable to receive the phone calls, even important phone calls are diverted
2. Unable to make outgoing phone calls, these calls are blocked
3. Incoming SMSes are monitored and blocked
4. Internet access is controlled by the third party, so even if the mobile phone owner pays for internet access, he or she will be unable to access internet on the mobile phone.
This problem has been faced across atleast 2 major telecom companies, (Names available on request), may be faced across carriers for specific individuals who are being targetted.

Reason for virtual mobile theft
Mobile phone calls interception
SMSes- SMS interception, diversion
Telecom loss
- Why telecom countries should not support virtual mobile theft and identity theft
Internet access- controlling internet access
Profile of the virtual phone theft
Transparency - how a citizen can find out what is going on

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