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Tracking stolen mobile with SIM

Most Mobile phones missing have a SIM card and can be traced relatively easily if they are misplaced by just making a phone call to the mobile phone. However, retrieving the stolen mobile will be relatively difficult if it is stolen by a rival or an organised gang who specialise in stealing mobiles. If the loss of the mobile is detected within a few minutes of it being stolen, the person whose mobile is stolen can make a phone call to the number, and the phone will ring, making it easy to retrieve the phone, if the thief is still in the vicinity.
On the other hand it is more difficult to trace the mobile, if the loss is detected after a few hours or days. Many mobile thieves will switch off the mobile phone soon after they steal it, and may not switch it for many weeks or months. They may remove the SIM card and replace it with another SIM card, as the person who has lost the mobile phone may not have the IEMEI number records with him or her to track it. The person who has lost the mobile phone can contact the telecom company and ask them for assistance in tracing the mobile or get the SIM card blocked.Another option for tracking the missing mobile is by filing a police complaint.

If the mobile phone has been misplaced and a stranger finds it, he or she may try to trace the owner and return it. However, this depends on the honesty, upbringing and value system of the person who has found the mobile phone.

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