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Lost a mobile, about mobile phone theft in india, missing mobile phones, stolen mobile phones.

Virtual theft - of mobile phone numbers, control of mobile phone calls, SMSes

Mobile phones - Mobile phone usage, availability in India,SIM

IMEI - IMEI number for mobile phones

Targets of mobile thieves - people who are most likely to lose their mobile

Mobile theft - where a mobile is likely to be stolen

Tracking a missing mobile - tracking, retrieving a stolen or missing mobile, how to get your missing or stolen mobile back.

Samsung Galaxy Grand - review of Samsung Galaxy Grand

Many websites provide information on apps which have to be installed before the mobile is lost, but provide little inputs on what to do after a mobile is missing. This website is based on insights gained from the loss of mobile by several individuals. By sharing the details of the lost mobile,the webmaster hopes to help other mobile owners whose mobile has been stolen and have lost their hard earned money to unscrupulous crooks. All information is free, the webmasters hopes the advertising revenues from the website will either help track the missing mobile , cover the cost of the mobile.

The website has not been updated for the last 8 years mainly because the real domain investor, a private citizen, single woman engineer is fighting the domain ownership, financial fraud of powerful high status ntro/raw/cbi employees who do not want to purchase the domains legally, pay any expenses yet fake domain ownership to get monthly government salaries at the expense of the real domain investor, a private citizen, who they CRIMINALLY DEFAME in the worst manner in a case of government SLAVERY, FINANCIAL FRAUD



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